Grumonte offers an ideal and suitable rental fleet to assist in the construction works.

Decide what is the most suitable equipment for you and, in advance, we will give you all the associated costs. One of the great advantages of this service is that when the equipment is in your worksite, the crane’s maintenance costs are included and will be carried out by a professional and competent team which helps to make your work more efficient and profitable.

Tower Cranes

Versatile equipment with the capacity to rationalize the movement and elevation of materials in the worksite. Suitable for spaces with limited access and reduced dimensions, like historical centers of cities,
with narrow streets and limited traffic.

Boom/m Load Tip/Kg Maximum Load/K
62,5 1400 8000
58 1600 6000
55 1500 6000
50 1600 6000
48 1400 5000
45 1600 6000
43 1000 2500
40 1000 2500
35 1000 2000
30 1000 2500

Self-Riser Cranes

Used in small and medium-sized works due to the lower load capacity, they are equipment of quick assembly and disassembly, as well as ease of transport and versatility.

Boom/m Tip Load/Kg Max Load/Kg
30 1000 4000
25 800 1600